Realtime lunar astrology and moon information.

Realtime lunar astrology and moon information on full moon esbats, eclipses, pagan ritual and spells, using Wicca and Witchcraft.

Pages of information on facts, phases, eclipses, tides, moon tables and more.  Everything you need to know about our moon!
Lunar Lore and old age proverbs about the moon.
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Everyday Moon Magic by Dorothy Morrison

     This compendium of lunar lore will show you how to maximize your magical success using the Moon`s energy. If you`ve only conducted rituals or magic at the Full Moon, you`ll be amazed at the variety of times and ways you can use the Moon`s Power. Packed with more then 140 modernized spells, chants and rituals, along with Esbat celebrations for the Full Moons in Wicca and Witchcraft.      271pgs.    $12.95

     Astrology is the belief that the moon and other celestial bodies have an influence on the course of human affairs. We fully use astrology in our daily lives and see it as a great and much needed benefit when partnered with Wicca or Witchcraft.

     We are lunar witches, and as such strongly follow the course of our moon throughout the twelve signes(signs) of the zodiac. Our rituals generally follow the ways of Wicca, not other darker forms of Witchcraft although lunar astrology can be used by all paths quite universally.

     Due to the rareness of truly accurate astrology transits from other websites, we have created We offer you information on lunar daily transits, the full moon(esbat), solar and lunar eclipses, and pagan sabbats all in real-time. We also provide other moon and lunar studies, as well as various moon related wicca spells and ritual.

     Next time you gaze upon our moon, let her into your heart, for goodness is bound to follow you!

Brightest blessings...
                    Cosaint n ndéithe do sibh!


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1/14: Humans to return to moon in 2015.

Current Phase
Occult 100

Next lunar eclipse :
- Americas - Europe, Asia (Penumbral)-
March 12th 2006
11:37PM GMT

Next solar eclipse :
- Africa, Europe - W. Asia (Total) -
March 29th 2006
10:16AM GMT

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