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The moon always shines upon this witchy place where lunar observance and ritual are pure religion to the Wicce' or wise. Wiccans and witches and others who follow Witchcraft utilize the lunar months, aspects and Wiccan esbats to enhance their 'moonlight' molding of space and energy in Pagan ritual. This website welcomes all and denounces none. A compendium of lunar information from current moon phases and lunar astrology, to moon facts, history, moon lore and even a moon store. Next time you gaze upon our moon, let her into your heart, for goodness is bound to follow you. To my brothers and sisters, 'Wise and Blessed Be'. Please sponsor our sponsors who do christmas cards Christmas Cards from http://www.charitygreetingcards.com.au To all else I bid you a fond welcome and hope you enjoy our website.

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